​Combined Transportation

​The services provided by Containerdienst Hämmerle focus on the comprehensive organisation of unattended combined transportation.

​Field of Activity / Services

​CDH manages the front end – transporting the respective goods from the customer / supplier to the nearest railway terminal – the main run on the rails and the back end, delivering the goods from the arrival terminal to the final destination.

Containerdienst Hämmerle also provides the equipment required to load and unload the containers at the terminal. CDH advises customers in the development of optimised logistics solutions to meet the respective requirements.

​Combined transportation – the shipment of goods in one and the same transportation unit using more than one carrier – offers significant advantages. The short front end and back end is handled by road-based truck traffic while the main run is on the rails.

​In addition to ecological benefits, combined road-rail transportation also has economical advantages:

  • Increased tonnage limit for the front and back end to and from the terminals
  • Exemption from weekend, holiday and night driving restrictions
  • Quick delivery from the terminal to the customer (storage)

Containerdienst Hämmerle is a strong transportation service provider

Ultimate flexibility, meeting individual customer requirements and the development of economical and ecologically compatible transportation concepts set Containerdienst Hämmerle apart.

​Containerdienst Hämmerle is part of our companies​

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